Mortgage Questions Answered

Will you be checking my credit?

Only with your permission.  We can still do a type of affordability check, based on your current income if you don’t want your credit pulled, but to help you, it is recommended. Remember, I will only have to pull your credit once (which has very little effect on your total score), if you were to visit multiple banks, they ALL would have to check your credit, which makes you look like a credit seeker and that is what kills your overall credit rating.

What if we don’t think we can qualify for anything?  

That’s ok because this program is designed to help get you where you need to be. You might be closer than you think. I have helped many clients buy the very first home within months after making just a few adjustments.

What if I/we own a bunch of rental properties?

Rental income can be used to qualify you when you claim that income. Every situation is different but it something that we can certainly take a look at.

I’m self-employed, no banks will look at me!

That’s awesome, so am I! We don’t have to “own” a company to be considered self-employed. Any position that is 100% commission income IS considered self-employed. Depending on your down payment, there are special programs that we can take a look at that can make a difference.

Is my information safe?

Everything we discuss is 100% confidential. I am not allowed, by law, to speak about any of your financial affairs, to ANYONE. If I do then I lose my license, and I love my job!

Is there any obligation / or cost?

There is no obligation and there is no cost to you. Everything about this program is designed with you in mind!