Home Ownership

Your first home is a huge step and having someone you can trust and rely on, guiding you through the entire process, understanding that you have a million questions, goes a long way.

Did you know that you can use just 5% as your down payment for your next home? This includes buying a home for an immediate family member. Let’s look at your entire financial picture and create a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Buying a cottage or a vacation home with just 5% down with easy monthly payments makes owning your vacation spot completely attainable.

Live mortgage free with as little as 5% down. The rental income can be used to offset your earned income. That means, you can increase your home purchasing budget AND have your tenants pay your mortgage. A 4-unit property could actually generate passive income for you.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Managing multiple bills and loans can be overwhelming. Reduce your stress and consolidate those debts into one mortgage payment. This frees up your monthly cash flow and can save you thousands of dollars in interest every year.

Home values have gone up, imagine what your house would be worth when you update it! Free up your equity and update your home. Your monthly payments won’t increase, and we can get you secured line to free up even more cash.

Dreamed of going somewhere exotic? Now you can when we free up some of that equity and pay out those high interest credit cards.  You can even use that secured line to take yearly vacations.

* these strategies work even with bruised credit, ask me for details

Wealth Generation

Are you ready to get started on your dream of building a real estate empire?  With 20% down, we have proven strategies that work.

Real estate provides a great vehicle for creating wealth. Use equity and build a solid stock market portfolio that can include dividend stocks that pays YOU over time.

Credit Repair & Opportunities

We offer credit repair programs that set you up to succeed.  A ‘no’ from a bank is not forever, you just need some guidance. Credit can always be repaired, and we have strategies that can get you there faster.


Life happens and sometimes we get behind. If you (or someone you know) owns a home, there are options to consolidate your debts.  Even if you are behind on property tax, income tax or have bad credit and lost your job, you have options.

Having a substantial down payment can go a long way. Even with bad credit, credit proposal and bankruptcy, there are options for all your buying needs.