The Big Switch that Made the Biggest Difference

Mortgage consultation

Once upon a time, I was in the banking world as a mortgage specialist and in those 4 years, I had seen hundreds of clients and had funded well over $65 million in mortgages.

The problem I had with the banks was that I was only allowed to sell the mortgages that were offered by that bank.

I couldn’t go shopping for better rates. I couldn’t see what was outside of my banking world, so how could I, with a good conscience, say that I had your best intentions at heart, considering there might a better deal for you elsewhere?

And to add insult to injury, the rates that I was quoting, had my paycheck tied to it.

What do I mean by that?

I wasn’t a salaried employee. The rate I quoted you had another number tied to it that you couldn’t see.  

My commission.

The lower the rate, the less my commission.

After a while, it had me thinking that there must be a better way to serve you as my client.

And there is… 

A became a mortgage consultant… 

I took the course, studied, wrote the exam (passed with flying colours!) and I am now a Mortgage Consultant with Mortgage Financial.

No longer in the banking world, I now have access to more banking institutions than I ever could have imagined!

Some are big banks, others are credit unions, but now I have options…

And by having options now gives YOU a much better chance of not only getting approved but ensuring you get the best rate.

And the best part? 

The banks pay ME to land YOUR mortgage with them.

My paycheque is now tied to the institution, not the rate I quote you. This means that there’s absolutely no cost to you and more importantly, I can get you the very best rate compared to any other major banks out there.