The Journey

Family Buys home

Make no mistake, buying a new house can be one of THE most rewarding experiences of your entire life!

Because you are not just buying a house, you are building a home. A home full of new memories. It’s a place you can relax and entertain in. A place to raise your kids, host holiday family dinners, and a home that you make your own.

Your home, with your tastes and your style.  

You are building your own space.

And if others don’t like your space? Who cares! 


But getting from here, to financing your new home can also be a frightening, and stressful process.

You have questions. 

Lots of them.

And you also have questions that you don’t even know about yet.

How much can I afford? What would my monthly payments look like? Am I paying too much? How much of a down payment do I need? How do I avoid mistakes? How can I understand all this bank jargon?

And the more you think about it, the more questions may pop up…

How do pre-approvals work? Will I get turned down? How do I know if I am getting the right information? What’s my credit like? Who can I trust? Am I getting the best rate?…

But really, all these the questions boil down to just one HUGE question and that is…

Can I/we really do this?

Even if you have been renting for most of your life, and it’s what you are accustomed to. Just thinking about the possibility of buying a home can be scary, and exciting all at the same time…the possibilities are there…but…

For some, buying a new house can feel like a distant dream…something that happens for other people.

I am here to tell you that with the right information and with the right person on your side, you may be surprised at what you can accomplish, I firmly believe that YES you CAN do this!