Lending You a Guiding Hand

Saving You Time With an Experienced Mortgage Consultant

When it comes to your mortgage, the single greatest benefit of a mortgage specialist is that I do all the heavy lifting and negotiating for you.

There are many lenders that offer similar but not the same products. These products vary depending on what bank you use. For example, all banks offer 5-year term mortgages, but not all banks offer a “portability” option (the ability to move your existing mortgage to another property if you decide to move down the road). Some banks offer better pay down mortgage options than others. 

Although every bank is different, they all have the same goal – they all want YOUR business. I use this to your advantage and leverage the institutions to get you the best possible deal. And the best Part?


Saving You Money

At zero cost to you.

Why? Because I am paid by the lender you ultimately choose. They pay me a finder’s fee for landing your mortgage with them. Plus, I get daily emails of the latest promotions and sales that I then pass along to you.

Again, at no additional cost to you.

Using a Mortgage Specialist, like me...

Will save you time, money, and a whole heap of headaches in researching the market on your own.

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